Sleek Wrapper Inverted

The high performance SleekWrapper Inverted servo driven horizontal flow wrapping machine designed with reliability, simplicity and serviceability to produce up to 100 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 19.6” or 500mm.

The Sleek Inverted flow pack machine uses 5 servo motors that create quick and easy changeover and adjustment, reduces product and film waste during production and offers low maintenance costs. Servo drives assures precise positioning, smooth acceleration – deceleration.

Ideal for soft or sticky products, multipacks, and other products that are difficult to push with the lug chain design found on conventional bottom seal flow wrappers. The film is fed from below the product. Hard to handle products are securely carried on top of the packaging film from the former through the cutting head.

Standard features include pre-programmed and stored product set up,  stainless steel frame construction, user friendly color touch screen HMI, auto open/close rotary fin wheel assembly and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.

Sleek Wrapper Inverted Table

Package SizeSleek Inverted Servo
Width1″ to 9″ (25mm to 230mm) – 12″ (300mm) version available as an option
Heightup to 4.7″ (120mm) – higher version available as an option
Web widthUp to 19″ (500mm) –  25.5″ (650mm) version available as an option
Maximum Mechanical RatesSleek Inverted Servo
1-up jaw (based on 155mm bag length)90
2-up jaw version (based on 155mm bag length)150
Available OptionsSleek Inverted Servo
Stainless Steel FrameStandard
Color Touch Screen with 120 recipe settingsStandard
Self Centering Film HolderStandard
Powered film unwindStandard
Belted or Lugged infeedStandard
Automatic Opening of Heated WheelsStandard
Film registrationOptional
Date CodersOptional
2nd reel holderOptional
No Product / No BagOptional
No Gap / No Seal (misplaced product detection)Optional
MAP Gas FlushOptional
Long Dwell VersionOptional

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